Friday, May 15, 2009

Patriarchal misogyny triumphant!

More Americans "Pro-Life” Than
"Pro-Choice" for First Time
And why? Because they hate women! Because abortion is the most important part of a woman's existence, anyone who opposes abortion is an oppressive hater. (You tell 'em, Amanda Marcotte!)

Too bad Gallup couldn't have announced this poll during National Offend A Feminist Week.

(H/T: Memeorandum.)


  1. Stacy, you fool! The new "Pro-Life" position is government funded abortions, handing condoms to teenagers whose cerebellum are still in formation, and funded day care or somesuch:

    It is quite a bit like moral Aikido - we reduce the murdering of nascent infants by assuring the legality of the murder of nascent infants.

  2. Maybe you should extend it to 'National Offend a Feminist Month.'

  3. The bad news is that it only matters if the pro-lifers start voting their beliefs. The worse is the "powers-that-be" in the GOP are bound and determined to remove abortion as a difference between themselves and the 'Rats.

  4. Gallup? That probably means it's more likely that it's 10 points biased towards the pro-choice position, which makes this even better.

    And I think National Offend a Feminist 'insert time span here' should be a 24/7/365 state of mind--at the very least, it should simply be a recurring feature.

  5. Quote:
    John said...
    Maybe you should extend it to 'National Offend a Feminist Month.'
    I had the exact same thought before I even came into the comments.

  6. I'll add that, although this is welcome news, the idea that a slim majority of Americans is against sucking the brains out of human babies is more than a smidgen troubling in itself.

  7. Nice to know but it still didn't stop this trampling of the freedom of speech: 78-year old Catholic priest gets hauled - cuffed - from Notre Dame


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