Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss December 2001 decides she can no longer associate with Miss USA pageant

Shanna Moakler, whose erstwhile career as a Playboy centerfold has been previously noted here, considers Carrie Prejean a disgrace:
"I cannot with a clear conscious move forward supporting and promoting the Miss Universe Organization when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth," she continues. "I want to be a role model for young women with high hopes of pageantry, but now feel it more important to be a role model for my children."
Thank you, Miss December 2001 and divorced mom. As "a role model for young women," your quest for another reality-TV contract and friendship with Perez Hilton will surely be an inspiration to millions.

P.S.: You misspelled "conscience."

(H/T: Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: Let's hear from someone who has never appeared nude in Playboy:
Christians are supposed to be fat, balding sweaty little men with bad complexions. It's liberals who are supposed to be the sexy ones. (I know that from watching "The West Wing" and all movies starring Julia Roberts.) But sadly for liberals, in real life, the fat, balding sweaty little guy with the bad complexion is Perez Hilton and the smoking-hot babe is Carrie Prejean.
Yes, it's our own adorable Ann Coulter, and you should read the whole thing.

BTW, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the hateful opportunists who attempted to destroy Miss California by leaking those Carrie Prejean nude photos, and thereby drove this blog to previously unimaginable peaks of traffic. Of course, I was the only conservative blogger with the capitalistic foresight to lock down both "Carrie Prejean jailbait" and "Carrie Prejean sideboob" with a single post, but I couldn't have done it without the assistance of unscrupulous photographers and gay gossip bloggers.

Speaking of naked gay video, Keith Olbermann:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

(H/T: Hot Air.)

UPDATE II: Welcome Instapundit readers! Remember Professor Reynold's famous words:
"Personally, I think the more topless photos, the better. But as a straight male, what do I know about beauty pageants?"
More commentary at Jules Crittenden, Pundit & Pundette, Sister Toldjah, and Right View from the Left Coast.

UPDATE III: Perez Hilton plays the "homophobia" card:

(H/T: Townhall) No Perez, Miss Prejean doesn't hate all gay people. She only hates you.



  1. My jaw drops in stunned silence. You are a crack up!

    I'm sorry. That's all I can muster.

  2. Its only fitting you link Ann Coulter, as I feel you both share a common trait, and that is following the quote that adorns the title of your blog.

    Ruthlessly writing what they believe. Leaving angry libs sputtering with incoherent rage. Colin Powell would have a fit but I daresay you both are incredible conservative assets.


  3. If I can translate:

    "WAAAAH! I'm just a washed up has-been! I want TV facetime TOO! Make the press pay attention to my SNIT-FIT! WAAAAAH"

  4. It is Shanna Moakler's birthday present for Carrie Prejean. Carrie turned 22 today.

    Happy Birthday, Carrie!

  5. Congratulations, idiots.
    You just earned yourself an absolute dolt to spearhead
    your cause.
    I just can't find the time to dissect Prejean's retarded press conference speech from yesterday.But if that is what we have to look forward to, then thanks!
    Nothing like an uninformed hypocrite bimbo to
    rally your troops,eh?
    What am I saying?
    I almost forgot about your descent into Alaska...

  6. Ms. Prejean was punished. Trump admitted that the numbers were very close and that Perry had given her a very very low score. What is a Homo guy doing judging a beauty contest? Oderman is a jackass!

  7. Added a link to this post too. I've rode the topless train this far, may as well see how it ends.

  8. "Nothing like an uninformed hypocrite bimbo to
    rally your troops,eh?"

    So THAT's why y'all picked Obama in the primaries...

  9. Congratulations, idiots.
    You just earned yourself an absolute dolt to spearhead
    your cause.
    "I just can't find the time to dissect Prejean's retarded press conference speech from yesterday.But if that is what we have to look forward to, then thanks!
    Nothing like an uninformed hypocrite bimbo to
    rally your troops,eh?
    What am I saying?
    I almost forgot about your descent into Alaska..."

    No, you entirely misunderstand what happened with her, and its not surprising that this is the case.

    1. She was asked for her 'opinion,' and in this case it can't be 'wrong' or make her 'ignorant.' She was civil about expressing her opinion as well, which is far more than we can say for you in this comment section.

    2. The left went in to full on sputtering rage attack mode. They pulled her PARENTS DIVORCE RECORDS in an attempt to smear her. They posted every picture that she had taken of her. Oh my god! A person, trying to be a model, had semi-nude pictures taken of her by a professional photographer? THE SHAME! And it was all for naught: She kept her crown. The Don is smart: He knew precisely what this whole deal was about. And then one of the directors resigned because she didn't get her way.

    This entire deal has just proven the gay-rights movement to be utterly full of contemptuous, hateful people who, instead of civilly trying to convince people that it is unfair for marriage to be restricted for them, and that civil unions don't convey all the same rights, decided to destroy the person. At best, they made themselves out to be fools. At worst, they set the movement back at least 10 years by showing their true colors: hate, intolerance of dissenting opinion, and the active attempt at character assassination and suppression of free speech.

    And we have an 'absolute dolt' spearheading our cause? Sorry, the eggs are on your collective faces.

  10. We've got Carrie Prejean, Mary Katharine Ham, Sarah Palin and Anne Coulter.

    They've got Hillary!, Nancy Pelosi and Helen Thomas.

    Life ain't fair! :-)

  11. As a fat, balding type, please understand that a whole lot of us are siding with Miss California over a brethren in this one.

  12. I believe that her "conscious" was a malapropism, not a misspelling.

  13. Young4eyes,

    I do not recall Ms. Prejean rallying troops to her cause by making it her platform at the pageant. She merely answered an inappropriate question posed by that idiot "Perez Hilton" and did so honestly. It was your side that took and blew this out of proportion, attacked her personally and punished her for her thoughts, none of which she was trying to impose on anyone. How tolerant of you and yours.

    Note she really would only be a hypocrite on this issue if she were to want to marry another woman. Lingerie modeling and sideboob are not the issue, rather something your side dragged into this in an effort to destroy her as a person for her beliefs. And let's be honest, one of the reasons you have sought to do so is that the majority of voters in California have rejected gay marriage and a majority nationwide disagree with extending marriage to homosexuals. After the election, the left initially went after the black community. When that proved to reveal more about the left's attitudes towards blacks than they cared to admit, the Mormons were substituted. Finally Ms. Prejean gave your side a convenient poster girl upon whom to vent your venom and pent up anger rather than a group.

    But what really frosts the backsides of you lefties is that Trump was right; Ms. Prejean's position on this issue is the same as Barack Obama's. You thought he was just kidding and he was willing to let you think that in return for your vote. SUCKER!

  14. Tried to watch the Olbermann vid, but started laughing too hard when he, of all people, started in on Ms. Prejean behaving 'holier than thou'.

    By 'thou', I presumed Olbermann was talking about himself, and that's when the guffaws started and I just couldn't stop.

  15. Thanks for the Ann Coulter link. When you're talking about people as vicious as Perez Hilton, a little incisiveness is a good thing.

    But I am struck with how seldom the issue of children comes up with regard to gay marriage. If the government of post-Christian France can say out loud that maintaining marriage as a partnership only between a man and a woman places the "needs of children above the aspirations of adults", why can't more Americans?

    For example, it's one thing for children to be deprived of a loving mother and father because of the weakness of the adults in their lives. It's another to deprive adopted children of the chance to have a loving mother and father by force of law.

  16. oh yeah!
    Donald did the right thing....for himself!
    He's no fool.He knows the publicity this has generated. Which is also why he won't rule out having Perez Hilton back as a judge( or as some of you so lovingly referred to him, as the HOMO. Can I get some Christian brotherly love?)
    Anyway, it helps the gay-marriage cause to have an incoherent beauty contestant at the forefront of the opposition. It shows a level of ignorance and highlights the lack of a reasoned argument. Believe it or not, folks, personal prejudices based on mythology won't cut it in the long run.
    But hey, you've got Carrie Prejean now! And who knows? With a little training and guidance she could be a future Governor or something....

  17. It was neither a misspelling nor a malapropism. I really do think her conscious(ness) is clear.

  18. "Nothing like an uninformed hypocrite bimbo to rally your troops,eh?"

    You're talking about Perez Hilton, right??

  19. Young 4 eyes,

    Ms. Prejean is very, very young and incredibly beautiful. Her training as top-flight beauty queen has made her relatively poised. She is also not as dumb as you make her out to be, and is getting an incredible education on cultural politics. A little more of this training by fire and she will be a very formidable spokesperson for the Christian conservative cause, and all because Perez Hilton and the homosexual left decided to try to destroy her for her views, honestly expressed.

  20. Young 4-Eyes, once again, you are making the same mistakes. Your vent, your personal attack, shows that you are your own worst enemy. Also, you keep trying to drag (subtly, you think) Sarah Palin into the argument. Idiot, frakking dolt. Ok, for once and for all, we (conservatives, not Republicans) are proud of Sarah, and still back her aspirations and admire her. It is you narrow minded, immature, childish and hateful liberals who can't stand her. So, to put Carrie Prejean in the same class as Sarah Palin, I say "Well, YEAH!".

  21. Yay Carrie Prejean! You've made it safe for beauty queens to show their tits! It's about time!

  22. So Miss December just wants to have children and raise them. I'm sure with that body she gets all the opportunities to have them she wants. Sadly her gifts don't include the powers of reasoning. She can no longer support the Miss USA pageant because they tolerant people whose opinion differs from hers. Her major complaint against people holding such opinions is that they are intolerant.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. "...when I no longer believe in it, or the contracts I signed committing myself as a youth."

    Contracts? I sense a deep disturbance in the Farce, as if thousands of dollars worth of Contracts Clauses vanished from a hypocrite's bank account, and then were silent.

  25. Don't be too impressed with this technological terror you've created McCain!

    The power to pull in hits with the words sideboob is insignificant when compared to the force.

  26. People like the leftoid bigots on this thread don't get it. Its not that she's a perfect spokesman or anything of the sort. Its that all she did was answer a question and you went on a fatwa against her. You made her a martyr, just like you did Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin before her. All your vicious attacks do is create free speech martyrs and make you look like the hateful bigots you are.

  27. "Anyway, it helps the gay-marriage cause to have an incoherent beauty contestant at the forefront of the opposition."

    Is that why you decided that asking someone their opinion and then attacking them when they give it is acceptable?

    So you've decided the proper way to win over America is to viciously attack anyone who ever holds an inappropriate thought in any way at any time (unless they're a Democrat, then the identical position is fine and not mentioned)?

    You've decided that debate, discussion, and dialogue are useless and only attacks will help. And not attacks on politicians, or politicos; but attacks on anyone who, when asked their opinion, has the temerity to have the wrong thoughts.

    Why not just push for a new hate-crime bill that outlaws these thought-crimes-against-humanity?

    Because vicious outrage, unthinking hate, and dictatorial means will truly show everyone what a loving, caring, and compassionate group the gay-marriage supporters truly are. And win you friends all over the nation.

    That or it will show you to be unhinged hateful jack***es who have no rational basis; but will launch wild hateful attacks wherever you think you can get away with it on any target that doesn't immediately cave to your every demand.

    I wonder which it will be.

  28. Carrie, how about some girl-on-girl with Miss Nevada? You don't have to marry the chick or anything. Just take some videos, will ya?

  29. Dear Young 4-Eyes,

    Congratulations idiot.
    You just proved yourself an absolute dolt spearheading
    your lost cause.
    I just can't find the time to dissect your retarded post from this morning. But if that is what we have to look forward to, then thanks!
    Nothing like an uninformed hypocrite misogynist to
    rally your troops,eh?
    What am I saying?
    I almost forgot about your descent into Arkansas...

    Gee, that argument was super effective productive debate! I'm sure you're on my side now and we can all get along!

  30. young4eyes, your screed is off-base. Perez created this situation and milked it.

    Prejean did absolutely nothing wrong.

    The gay activists who behaved abominably did. They did more to harm their cause than anything Prejean could have said.

    "Hate Speech" from the Left is what has blown this out of proportion. Which is good. Reveals what intolerant fascists they are.

  31. Militant homosexuals and feminists are some of the nastiest people in the culture wars.

    Miss Prejean is a lovely young woman who doesn't need to be a genius.

    I'm sure she's at least as bright as the many lefty chicks that infest celebrity culture.

    If she's been naughty, she deserves the traditional punishment (a spanking); not being subjected to the attentions of the excreable Hilton & Olbermann.

  32. 1. I agree with the other anonymous; Moakler meant "conscious", for better or worse.

    2. Give Olberman a break. The knowledge that a year from now, "Saint Carrie" will be hosting yet another FNC show that buries his in the ratings has got to be frustrating.

    3. She does come off a little sanctimonious. I'd have gone with the Dr Laura defense on the photos (do as I say not as I do is hypocrisy; do as I say not as I did is simply the voice of experience).

  33. I have discovered a photo that links last weeks two biggest stories (Dijon gate and Carrie Prejean) I thought your readers would want to be informed of it. You can view this photo here