Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DNA-Based Decision Making is Racism

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

Yes, Advice Goddess, the "Empowerment Experiment" people are behaving in a racist fashion. However, they are certainly within their rights to express themselves in this fashion, for all it is boorish.
Affirmative Action, too, is racist. The argument on the table is that there was sufficient historical unfairness that government intervention was justified. Two wrongs don't make a right, for all two (w)rights did make an airplane. It's done.
That said, the time for anything besides pure meritocracy is long past.
Perpetuating racism in any form, whether it's tossing the term around liberally at political opponents, or crassly choosing for/against vendors based upon race, has got to be booed in public.

HotMES has related thoughts.

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  1. Affirmative action would be a good idea. Perhaps we should start using it.

    The premise of affirmative action is that there are members of previously-disregarded groups who could and would do the job, but aren't considered for reasons other than the list headed "competence". People who hire or select tend to go by past experience; forcing them to reach outside their normal pool of candidates benefits them (because they can hire more good people), the previously-disregarded people (who now have more opportunities), and the polity as a whole (because it now contains more wealth generators).

    But it only works if the newly-eligible are held to the same standard of performance as those selected previously. If that isn't the policy, if the newly-eligible are not held to the same standard, what you have is a tax designed to benefit an interest group.

    Which is what we have now.