Saturday, May 16, 2009

Republicans 'begging' Erick Erickson to shut down Facebook protest of NRSC

You may remember my reaction when the "treacherous bastards" at the National Republican Senatorial Committee endorsed Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race -- 15 months before the primary!

Erick Erickson of Red State started a Facebook group to protest the NRSC's endorsement of Crist, and Erick just sent this message to group members:
Subject: They are listening
I've been getting all sorts of emails begging me to shut this group down.
Instead, please consider inviting ten friends each.
The NRSC will not listen to us unless we help shut down their fundraising. You can help.

Meanwhile, there is a new blog HQ for the grassroots anti-NRSC protest: NOT ONE RED CENT.

UPDATE: John Hawkins of Right Wing News is circulating this petition:
Dear Senator Cornyn,
We the undersigned believe that the National Republican Senatorial Committee should be committed to serving ALL the members of the Republican Party.
Additionally, the NRSC should be focused on defeating Democrats, not Republicans. Towards that end, we believe it was completely inappropriate for the NRSC to endorse a candidate in the Florida primary race.
Therefore, we request that both you and the NRSC alter your position on the Florida Senate race, maintain neutrality, and promise to spend no money directly or indirectly in that race.
Things are getting hot for Cornyn and the NRSC.

UPDATE II: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Please also see my post at Hot Air Green Room: "Behind the ‘Not One Red Cent’ Rebellion."

UPDATE III: Red Hot at Red State. And a Memeorandum thread. Certain left-wing bloggers are laughing, failing to understand what this is about. It is good that they don't understand.

UPDATE IV: Welcome, Ann Coulter readers!


  1. Wonderful!

    Now, for the stopping of every red cent to the complete Republican Party until it ejects liberals and gets back on track, starting at the top to include almost all "leadership". Well, that is my stance. I used to give until it hurt, as little as that might have been, to me it was heavy lifting. Now, I wouldn't give a "Republican" a nickle to call someone to try and convince them of their liberal for dummies themes.

    F em', let them eat capitalism. I know I wish I could eat it, but it is drying up.

  2. I never felt the need to join Facebook before, but just did and aligned with this group. Look for me as Dan Dapani (which is a made up name, unlike my blog name, since FB requires first and last name).

  3. Yeah, but if it weren't for the NRSC getting involved in a primary we Republicans might have lost Arlen Specter's seat to a Democrat.

  4. From

    "As one might imagine, there was a lot of talk after the NRSC endorsed Governor Charlie Crist on his Senate run this morning. Everyone has a lot to say, but here is just a short list of some of the comments around the net. As always we want to know what you think, please leave us your comments."

    Be careful what you ask for ...

  5. I just joined the group on Facebook too, I want to get ahead of the NRSC freight train and help give Rand Paul the support that he needs to take candidacy from 'exploratory' to a bonified run. The NRSC already has their elitist choice in this race.....spread the word!

  6. Ronsonic, YOU. MUST. BE. KIDDING. Specter was a RINO from the get-go. All having him in place was to confuse the electorate. Specter might as well have been a Demo. RINOs need to become extinct. When a RINO votes Demo-lite, it confuses the electorate who feel they have no choice. Specter, Snow and that other RINO who voted for Porkulas all need to flop sides. They do the Repub party no good when they can't be counted on to do the right thing. They should brand themselves for what they really are. Then, the electorate can have a clear choice. Democratic Socialist Party or Republican Conservative Party. Right now, we just have Demo and Demo-lite. F'em.

  7. Dandapani: I'm guessing Ronsonic's comment was sarcasm -- at least that's the way I read it, and I got a good laugh out of it.

  8. Guys. Can I tell you something?

    Crist will win both the primary and the election going away. That doesn't alter the fact that the NRSC is playing dirty pool and shouldn't have gotten involved in the race.

    Marco Rubio is a great conservative who would probably do better running against Alex Sink for Governor or for the AG's office. Unfortunately, Bill McCollum will be our candidate, and Sink will win that contest in a walk (unless, I am told, Al Cardenas gets in the race).

    Crist is popular here because of what he did with property taxes. The combination of eight hurricanes and galactically out of hand real-estate speculation led to huge increases in property taxes.
    Since then, the market has collapsed, but Crist has, strangely enough, maintained his bipartisan popularity. The guy has a good political ear.

    Go figure.

  9. I am so disgusted with this group as a matter of fact the local party apparatus in Florida has a rule 11 the intent of which is to keep nuts from running with the R after their name and attempted to use it to knock Rubio out before the primary....there are HUGE problems with the party apparatus around this country1

  10. Ronsonic-

    I read your post three times before I got it. Brilliant.

  11. Ronsonic,

    We did lose Specter's seat to a Democrat.

    We also lost - because of money diverted to the "strategic" effort to get Specter reelected - any chance of getting a Republican senator elected in Wisconsin. So, Wisconsin is stuck with two Democratic dufus senators, Feingold and Kohl.

  12. Dandapani, could that be that new 'Irony' that everyone's talking about

  13. Charlie Crist snubbed George Bush when the President visited in November of '06. The President still backed him. Get the word out that Charlie Crist can't be counted on. I don't agree with everything GWB did but loyalty is the foundation of our Country.

  14. Oh, you people really make liberals like me happy. Keep on shrinkin' your party. We love it.

  15. "Ronsonic, YOU. MUST. BE. KIDDING."

    He is kidding. Think about it...

  16. Easy there, Danda - I'm pretty sure ronsonic's post was sarcastic.

    At least, I HOPE that's what is dripping off of it . . .


  17. Check here for another example of where you get with RINOs:

    All they do is provide cover for the other side and then defect.

  18. Given Specter's past voting patterns at the Senate:


    What's the use of the 2-party system if both parties are just the same.

    What we are fighting here is PRINCIPLE/CORE BELIEF OF CONSERVATISM.

    Not just power and control, of which the Democrats are so hungry about.

  19. The only way they will listen is when the money is shut off.

    On the other hand, it is possible to obtain a complete majority by being All Things To All People

  20. My only problem with this is that my Facebook search keeps saying "Search is currently unavailable." Crist is a RINO waiting to pull a McCain & steal a presidential nomination from a real conservative.

  21. I already have endorsed Marco Rubio for senate. It is important for those of us that care to encouage and get behind Mr. Rubio's candidacy. Believe me, Gov. Christ is a right-winger compared to our governor here in California, Benedict Arnold. But I do not support the Washington insiders leading us in the trenches down this path of supporting the "one that can win". I remember a helluva a lot of this attitude with a certain two-term president named Ronald Reagan. Moderates=losers.

  22. The question for all the GOP orifices must be stated again and again, especially to that happy-meal smiley-boy Michael Steele: How's the effort to close all 50 primaries to registered republicans only coming along?

    If the party allows itself to be held hostage to open primaries again in '12, after the outrage of the faithful over how the '08 game was played, the membership shouldn't allow these guys to get away with anything approximating the undoubtedly forthcoming "Hey, we're the big tent party of inclusion and don't want to send *the wrong message*" line of excuse-making bullshit.

    Even more than raising money in this crappy environment, Steele's number 1 job at present should be coordinating the closure of the GOP primary process throughout the states.