Monday, May 11, 2009


Some of my Catholic friends may be shocked to discover that somehow a heterosexual made it through seminary and, indeed, there is scandalous photographic proof of his interest in women:
Father Alberto Cutie, known as "Padre Oprah," the nationally known Spanish language television host, advice columnist and bestselling author of the book "Real Life, Real Love," is creating quite a stir as he appears to be getting a dose of real love himself.
A Mexican magazine ran pictures of Father Cutie cuddling with a woman on a Florida beach and kissing her at a bar.
In an interview with the Spanish language network Univision, Father Cutie said that despite the scandal the photos have created, he doesn't want to give up either his collar or the woman he loves.
Yes, you read that right: Father Cutie, which is actually pronounced "Koo-tee-ay." When I saw the "Father Cutie" headline at Pundit & Pundette, I thought it must be a joke. But (a) he is kind of a cutie, and (b) the real joke is that this guy, who couldn't be faithful to his own vows, was on the archdiocese's radio show giving "relationship advice" to others.

Father Cutie is now reportedly considering leaving the priesthood. As I said at Taki's:
Of course, conservative Catholics can expect a spree of columns pondering "what this means" for the celibate priesthood, whereas liberal Catholics will wax nostalgic for the "good old days" when priests molested altar boys.
Being a proud Protestant means there is no ecclesiastical hierarchy to blame when these scandals happen. Jimmy Swaggart? Jim Bakker? Ted Haggard? They were never my leaders, and their scandals were their own embarrassment.


  1. He kinda looks like Dan Marino.

  2. As a recovering Catholic I’ve gotta say, big deal. At least he’s not committing a crime.
    And don’t get me started on the whole Father “Cutie” thing. When I was a kid we had a Thai priest…Father Chokonawang.

  3. Well, there's a certain VERY cynical sigh of least he does women...

    And we note (still cynically) that Fr. C. has the "All About MEEEE!!" game down pat; appearances on TV wherein he opines on the value of celibacy.

    An resemblance to Levi What'sHisName of Alaska is merely coincidental.

  4. There is no "ecclesiastical hierarchy" to blame here either. Father Cutie is responsible for his own actions.

    The man broke his vows. Period. End of story.

    Very telling is his saying he wants to remain a priest and keep the women. I can almost imagine him stamping his manly little foot in angst at the unfairness of life.

    As to the "pedophiles" in the church? Can you say homosexual instead? 99% of the offenders were homosexuals targeting adolescent boys - what is known as a "chicken hawk". It's not PC to call a spade a spade anymore... oooops - I meant, tell the truth.

  5. Linked to you and updated my Cutie post.