Monday, April 13, 2009

Penn State: Thanks for Nothing

by Smitty

Forwarded on a military mailing list:

I taught as an adjunct for a couple of semesters earlier this decade. There was more stress brought on by the spoiled brats who figured that paying the tuition meant daddy had bought an "A".
In contrast, we have Big Hollywood showing some enlightenment.


  1. While I think it is an unjustified slam against Iraq War Vets to portray them as especially prone to violence it would be interesting to see the entire video that the clip was extracted from. The way the clip cuts off I feel like there is something missing and that makes me suspicious.

  2. Hey, I'm military...but not on that mailing list!

    According to this video I should get "angry" in a very icky way, right?

  3. It's been a few years since I was a veteran student at Penn State, but I confess I was a bit of an angry student. I was angry that I was paying PhD prices and getting graduate student instructors, and I was angry that Penn State was embracing mediocrity in order to promote diversity. Things don't seem to have improved much.

  4. @Chap,
    It was from USNA-At-Large@Yahoo groups, if you want to subscribe.
    Actually, my response would be to talk to both parties. PTSD does happen, for all I'm "worried" more about people who do heavy drugs than I am fellow veterans on campus.