Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Enterprising Paco at Lafayette Park

by Smitty

The Track-A-'Crat and I were so fashionable as to nearly miss the whole Tea Party event in Lafayette Park. My plan of scheduling the Spring air conditioning groom for 15Apr as a fig leaf for cutting out of work was too effective. The lateness of the technicians and the fact that the compressor is Tango Uniform nearly made me miss the party entirely. We did get there in time to chat up a couple of people and then hear the police whistles shooing every one out of the park, as the demonstration permit had apparently expired (but see Moe Lane below).

The politely violent right wing extremists shuffled riotously off in an agreeable way, in a modestly brutal quest for warm beverages, whipped into a carefully disorganized froth by those non-existent, Machiavellian corporate organizers.

In spite of the rain, it was better attended than the February outing at the end of CPAC. One looks forward 04Jul, when you figure the next celebration of the Community Organizer in Chief will occur.

There was a silver blog lining in all the clouds: His Paco-ness was more squared away than I, and has posted a fine report. Thanks, Paco!

And here is Moe Lane. Apparently, there was a box of teabags thrown over the White House fence, triggering the ejection from the park. Videos here.

Also, The Political Castaway was present.

Update: Alan Colmes is about as sunny as the weather. Can't someone find him a dry Snuggie?

Update II: Pundit and Pundette add to the picture fray.


  1. Paco is SO good!

    If you want a terrific report from Jacksonville, Florida - and who wouldn't - check out Swampie's A1A South (

    I know, it ain't D.C. but MOST of this Nation doesn't live anywhere NEAR D.C. I used to, so I know where Lafayette Park is and you have no idea how cool I think that makes me.

  2. Sorry I missed you there. Great report, though. (And thanks for the linky love).