Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alabama, here I come!

All right, folks, this will be my last post here for a while, because I'm about to pack up the laptop and drive 700 miles to attend Wednesday's Alabama Tea Party. Of course, just like the folks on JournoList, I'm strictly a neutral, objective observer, and I've got a neutral, objective post over at the new Hot Air Green Room you might want to check out.

While I'm on the road, all you bloggers should e-mail your Rule 1/Rule 2 requests to Smitty. Everybody else, please hit the tip jar, because if this thing is being funded by "right-wing billionaires," they sure are a bunch of cheapskate billionaires.

Important news: Just in case you missed it, the DHS "terrorist" smear against conservatives -- we reported it at 3:14 a.m. Monday -- has been confirmed by Michelle Malkin. My buddy Stephen Gordon shares credit with Radio America's Roger Hedgecock for breaking that story. My old buddy Audrey Hudson got the scoop, and look how the JournoListers are pushing back at Memeorandum. (Heh! Blame that subversive Constitution!) Trust me, there will be more shoes dropping over the next few days, as we learn who was behind the DHS smear.

WOLVERINES! HIT THE TIP JAR! And now, boys, let's hit that theme song:


  1. DHS smear?
    My you Cons are sensitive...
    I'd even say defensive.
    It's amazing that you guys have begun to identify yourselves as "extremists".
    Perhaps there is still confusion out there as to what the purpose of the Tea-Bagging protests are about,
    I mean beside the Right-Wing Media induced feelings of oppression( which is to laugh at because it would mean you are feeling oppressed because you guys lost the elections. How is it exactly that you are being oppressed?)
    Or maybe the DHS report was prompted by the Allan Keyes keynote appearance. Your "message" is undermined and frankly fodder for ridicule when you give this douche the microphone.
    By the end of tomorrow the world will know full well your faux anger, your manufactured dissent and misplaced feeeeelings....
    BTW, watching Fox and man are they pushing this Tea-Bagging nonsense.They're reading viewer comments that hope this is a start of a revolution! This is going to be hilarious!

  2. Malkin and whoever got it originally did a good job, but I'm not exactly looking forward to the typing monkeys finding out who was responsible. Especially since they won't go after the smoking gun in the report but instead will use it as a way to throw things at each other and visitors as they always do.