Friday, April 17, 2009

Let Me Get This Straight

by Smitty

Donald Douglas writes a mildly mocking piece about the Evil Bush Administration's memo approving the use of insects in confined spaces as a means of encouraging The Bad Guys to reveal information in the GWOT. And the Spanish are all in a rush not to make the case international:
Yes, it turns out that in all of their angst, the leftists are crestfallen now that Candido Conde-Pumpido, Spain's top prosecutor, "has rejected opening an investigation into whether six Bush administration officials sanctioned torture against terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, saying Thursday a U.S. courtroom would be the proper forum."
The Gateway Pundit goes beyond merely laughing at the fauxtrage:
In response to this latest move by the White House, Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said Barack Obama is endangering the country by releasing Justice Department memos.
Does anyone else question the timing of this news story?
Ah, yes: with Texas and Montana making the noises of States United, and DHS looking like a pack of scoundrels, it would make much sense to try to gain control of the news cycle. No, that doesn't reek of desperation, not at all. Not a whiff.


  1. Or the timing has to do with the statutory time limit set by FOIA. Geez, you people see conspiracies under every rock

  2. And thus our Ace Reporter fails to mention that the most pinko of all pinko organizations, the ACLU, brought suit under the Freedom of Information Act in Federal Court for release of these memos. The suit was initiated while Bush Administration was still in power. The Court ordered the release of the memo, but gave the Bush Administration enough time appeal its decision to a higher court.

    Sensing future political capital, The Bush Administration let the matter slide into Obama’s hands.

    The Obama Administration, soon after the Inauguration, sought an extension to study the matter. Yesterday was the fish or cut bait date set by the Court. Release the memo’s to the ACLU, or submit a brief as to what grounds you chose to appeal to a higher court.

    Sensing that any appeal might well fail, and that the state’s secrete horse was a broken down nag, the Obama Administration released the memos to the ACLU. It was from
    their site
    , that interested readers will find the complete memo’s that are being selectively quote through out the blogosphere.

    Cross posted from Outside the Beltway, where Alex Knapp had a nice thread going, until the memos were released, and the Center Right correspondents had enough sense not to get into an obvious losing battle.