Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving to Montana Soon...

by Smitty (h/t: Volokh)

From the blogosphereic equivalent of Perry Mason, we hear:
Montana's staunchly pro-Second Amendment Governor, Democrat Brian Schweitzer, has signed Montana HB 246, the Montana Firearms Freedom Act. The bill declares that a firearm which is manufactured in Montana, and never leaves the State of Montana, "is not subject to federal law or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of congress to regulate interstate commerce. It is declared by the legislature that those items have not traveled in interstate commerce."

...gonna be a dental floss tycoon:


  1. I was born and raised on the prairies of Montana.

    I've never been so proud.

  2. And the only firearms made in Montana (that I know of) are Sharps buffalo rifles like the one in Quigley down under. While beautiful and fun to shoot, they aren't exactly an everyday firearm, cheap to shoot, or reasonably priced to buy.

  3. @TRG:
    Sure, but, as I'm massaging my wife into letting me buy something, the idea of making a purchase in Montana is highly attractive.
    Sure, I'll obey the law to the last jot and tittle. Underscoring the fact that the Fed works for us, and not the reverse is crucial for the health of the country.

  4. Excellent move for MT. I see more than one manufacturer opening up there soon.

    Excellent job in Birmingham today BTW.