Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OMG, How Can You Shoot...

by Smitty (hat collection: Power Line, USNI blog)

Q: OMG, how can you shoot the Somali "voluntary coast guard" when they've hardly any way on?

A: Easy. You don't lead them so much. Ain't war hell?


  1. Smitty,

    After listening to your version of "English" all afternoon, I wanted to let you know that this is how it should be spoken:

  2. @TA'C:
    Peep this: We know yo' world be bigger than ours, an' that y'all gots tha benjamins, tha muscle, an' tha sheer numbahz to do yo' biddin'. But we got tha brains an' tha cunning. An' if you try to push us, we push back. We push playa-hatas back to tha m'f'n' Stone Age, know what I'm sayin'? An' we wouldn't trade tha 24-7 Reeceevin' Life foe yo' gardenin' or yo' bowlin' league or yo' microwave-cookery classes or whatever weak shit all y'all do in yo' spare time. In tha A.R. World, ain't no such thing as spare time. Tha only spare time we eva gonna have be in tha grave. An' thass all good wit' us, 'cause we be straight-bangin' hardcore badasses to tha end.

  3. Like Hallmark, when you care enough to send the very best...