Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maverick's daughter out-dumbs her Dad

"My article on the republican party and the gay community comes out tomorrow. One of the most important things I have written."
-- Meghan McCain via Twitter, April 12

Uh, sweetheart, you're 24. So to say that something is "one of the most important things I have written" puts it in competition with . . . what? Your senior term paper?

Also, will you supply your own capitalization, or do you have editors to do that for you?

UPDATE: "Snark of the Day."


  1. Don't forget this other pearl of wisdom from Meghan via Twitter: "Your not alone, there are MANY progressive republicans out there and we scare the shit out of the radical right, love it"

  2. Mike, trying to find the dumbest thing she's written -- that could be difficult.

    Also from her Twitter feed Sunday:

    11:29 p.m.: Omg, "Observe and Report" looks HILARIOUS! Will def make time to see it!!

    11:34 p.m.: (Reply to "Rhea Ann") No I had NOT heard there is a date rape scene in the movie. WTF, who thinks thats funny??

    11:37 p.m.: (To "Rhea Ann") I'm gonna read up on this but I would never endorse anything that glamorizes violence towards women. I won't be seeing the movie!


  3. Don't forget her incredible insight into the do's and don'ts of stepping on sharp metal things.
    "I'm barefoot and I just walked down to the lobby of my building and stepped on a piece of metal, looks pretty hardcore"

    She is truly the next great leader of our party.

  4. Oh, Stacy--she's a child. Ease off, willya?

  5. She's blocked me, I think because of this:

    Oh well! It was still worth it.

  6. Umm like, Uh, why all of the mean-spirited stuff against gay people and me, and like uh, why can't we get together, and unite and uh like yah....

  7. Progressive Republicans?? Why not just be a Democrat?

    Ever so often some meat brain comes up with the stupid idea that the way the GOP can win is to be like the Democrats. These people just don't have a freaking clue.

  8. It get's worse. Check out this one: - my first twitpic! Thats me, dad and barry goldwater.

    I'm sure Goldwater is rolling over in his grave right now.

    And we'll see if McCainBloggette's editors know how to use uppercase letters tomorrow. Obviously, Ms. McCain doesn't know how.

  9. At some point, this child is going to realize that the only traction she has is her apostasy vis her father. Astroturf & Co are treating her like a prize Kobe beef, and using her to spread FUD.
    I've no noticeable sympathy for the twit, although I'm surprised her father didn't teach her to distinguish tongue-bathing from honest praise. She'll learn.
    For the now, she's the MTV wing of the dinner-party Republicans.

    She stopped being a child the moment she stepped into the ring. The stakes are too high to cater to the self-delusion of someone who really is old enough to know better.


  10. All y'all - save for Attila - have officially become objects of pity.

    - Brian Moore

  11. She is placing herself in the spotlight, claiming that she is the voice of the new Republican party.

    No need to ease up.

    In fact, I think that is part of the Republican parties problem. The majority of us don't believe in putting up a fight when things are thrown at us. We would rather think that our silent stand is louder than the blabbering of someone else who is more worried about being friends with everyone than actually finding principles to stand by.

    Guys and gals, we shouldn't be rude, but we shouldn't be silent. Look where it has gotten us.


  12. Song of the Day: "Sticks and Stones" by The Pierces, why these girls aren't the biggest band in the world, I will never know, I'm obsessed!

  13. Supply her own capitalization, RSM? Dunno. I get the feeling she's capitalized by someone else's trust fund. Just sayin'.

  14. Capitalization? I want to know if "One of the most important things I have written" will include complete sentences.

  15. Time for a remake of the movie, "Dumb and Dumber"! What a like AIR head! You know!

  16. Caroline Kennedy can co-star in the re-make.

  17. Meghan McCain has never written much less thought anything important. We live fully in the age of the narcissist.

    If they would but turn into flowers then they could at least be quiet.