Monday, December 1, 2008

The senescence of Peggy Noonan

She doesn't report. She provides no research. She doesn't even try to come up with any coherent argument. It's just a random collection of stuff:
One of the weirdest, most perceptually jarring things about the economic crisis is that everything looks the same. . . . Three great investment banks have fallen while a fourth totters, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 31% in six months. And yet when you free yourself from media and go outside for a walk, everything looks . . . the same. . . .
News flash: Peggy Noonan went for a walk!
Anyway it is odd, surreal, to have the steady downbeat of Great Depression II all over the news, and few signs of GDII on the street, odd that the news we're hearing is at odds with what our eyes are seeing, at least at the moment.
So where is GDII happening? Right now mostly in conversations between wives and husbands, in families and among friends, about selling, about digging in, about layoffs, and not taking chances, and reduced income, and fear. . . .
I close with a nod of small thanks for the title of a book I saw the other day called, "Are You There, Vodka? This is Chelsea." The stewardess was reading it on a flight from Phoenix to Newark. She was laughing. It was nice.
News flash: Peggy Noonan flew to Phoenix!

One column a week, and she can't be bothered to produce anything better than banal observations about the reading habits of stewardesses? "She was laughing. It was nice." I hope she's not getting paid by the word.


  1. Peggy Noonan is a washed up loser...she can always start writing her BFF Chrissie Matthews speeches for his upcoming challenge to Arlen Spector!!!

  2. I hope she gets paid by the word.


    She was always more loft than heft.

    That becomes a problem when things get critical.

    Sister Margaret Dolorosa (with my apologies to the real deal): Her schoolmarmy warning to Obama just before the election on his "above my pay grade" comment was something to the effect of you bet it's your paygrade, mister!