Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama as 21st-century Hoover

Jeffrey Lord suggests Republicans steal a page from the Democrats by imitating Jazz Age journalist Charley Michelson:
A hard-bitten cynic with a wintry, satanic smile and a dry humor, who had seen everything and lost all illusions he brought a new professionalism to political publicity.… Michelson turned out an uninterrupted stream of interviews, statements and speeches in Washington. These releases -- over 500 in the first two years, signed indifferently by leading Democrats in the House or Senate -- poured ridicule on the Hoover administration. Michelson himself, playing interminable bridge or dominoes with newspapermen at the Press Club, saw to it that his best wisecracks received full circulation. This barrage undoubtedly had something to do with fixing the Depression image of the Hoover administration.
The problem: Republicans don't hire journalists. They hire know-it-all assholes like Tucker Bounds.

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