Sunday, November 30, 2008

'The Best Christmas Tree Ever'

I just got home with an 8-foot Douglas fir that is The Best Christmas Tree Ever. This has been a McCain family tradition for two decades. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Dad goes out and brings home a big, bushy Christmas tree, and everyone pronounces it The Best Christmas Tree Ever. Other family holiday traditions include:
  • My wife and I resolving that this year, we're not going to go overboard and buy the kids too many gifts.
  • Going overboard anyway.
  • Each year, each of the kids adds a special personalized Christmas ornament to the tree. With six kids, the tree is getting pretty crowded, which is why getting a big tree is important.
  • Accusing each other of peeking at gifts.
  • Denying peeking at gifts.
  • Peeking at gifts.
  • Teapots. My wife collects teapots, so every year, she gets a new teapot for Christmas.
  • Pantie balls. I always buy my wife lingerie for Christmas. The panties are rolled into balls for wrapping and then used as stocking stuffers.
  • Christmas jeans. My wife always buys me two pairs of jeans for Christmas.
  • GI Joes. Each of the four boys gets a GI Joe, which is stuck in the top of their Christmas stocking, weapon at the ready, for Christmas morning. (Our 16-year-old twins may be getting a bit old for this, but they'll probably get GI Joes anyway.)
  • Christmas Eve snacks. After putting the kids to bed, my wife and I begin assembling toys, stuffing stockings and doing last-minute wrapping. And I always make a plate of beef sausage, cheese and crackers to eat while we do this.
  • Wake-up toys. Each kid gets a stuffed animal in their bed to wake up with.
  • Christmas morning. The first kid to wake up about 6 a.m. wakes up the siblings, and then they wake us up so we can take photos while they open gifts.
  • The nap. Since we're usually awake until 3 or 4 a.m. getting Christmas ready, my wife and I get maybe three hours' sleep before the kids wake us up. So Christmas afternoon, we take a nap.
Family traditions are important.

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  1. Wow! I would love to have grown up in your family. Sounds like you have lovely traditions for a lovely family.