Friday, December 5, 2008

Ditto, Dwight!

"And in 2012, we'll have Sarah Palin to clean up Obama's mess and remind us again of America's exceptionalism."
-- Z. Dwight Billingsly


  1. Insofar as "exceptionalism" is founded in the Constitution, I'm OK with the term.
    But the general political challenge faced in the US is the drift away from the Constitution, and the attempt to come up with shiny new terms.
    Not needed. Simply understand what we have and what works, and gently ignore the sales pitches of the snake oil sellers.

  2. Robert, I "pinched" this for LR blog. Hope you don't mind. Gave you a link.

    We should be running this guy for MO Governor or US Senate!

  3. I read that article too. Man I can only pray that we can survive 4 more yrs to get to Palin. I'm not so sure at the rate we are going.
    Fight like a real man, get on your knees and pray!


  4. "and Americans will have to learn again that there can be no economic security without national security."

    kind of like the economic security we are enjoying as we speak. because, as the echo chamber has postulated, "Bush kept us safe".
    So it all adds up now. I think. Bush kept us safe and the economic prosperity we are enjoying is the fruit of Republican strength.
    The asinine presumptions Dwight makes in his article is proof positive of the abject mental decline the Republican party is...enjoying.
    Seeing as Dwight asserts that we seem to elect unqualified Democrats after strong Republican presidents have left the stage, one begins to wonder if Republicans/Conservatives aren't living in an alternative universe after all.
    If you follow Dwight's logic, it isn't hard to surmise that Clinton was FAR more successful at keeping us safe than Bush has.The opposite can only be true if you forget that 9-11 happened under GW's watch.
    Bush 41 coined the phrase " Voodoo Economics".
    Bush 43 has ushered in the age of "Voodoo Politics".
    How long did Moses wander the deserts?