Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chambliss win bad news for GOP?

No matter what happens -- even a 14-point Republican victory -- the media geniuses will always find a way to spin it as bad news for conservatives:
With time and money on their sides, though, we can expect that Obama and other Democratic leaders will be look to make 2012 the year that the Solid South is broken once and for all. Certainly with an incumbent president and demographic trends continuing to work, Democrats could cement gains in Virginia and Florida and perhaps even North Carolina. . . .
With an invigorated Democratic effort and Libertarians drawing better than 3 percent in key races, it wouldn’t take long for the rest of the South to turn blue.
Somehow these geniuses can't accept the simple and obvious explanation that nominating a bald, grumpy, old guy for president is bad politics. No, the Big Picture must be something nuanced and complex, so that only geniuses can explain it.

As I've said before: Don't overthink it. At some basic level, politics is about popularity. When the other guys nominate Will Smith and you nominate Mister Magoo, no grand ideological theory or demographic trend is necessary to explain why you got your ass kicked.


  1. AMEN, R. S.! We do not need to overanalize this past election. There is no doubt that President-elect Obama energized Democrats. But what the Georgia runoff showed is that without Obama on the ballot, voila! The Dem loses. And pretty big, in my book. We have one thing to look foward to for the next two years. The Dems continue to blame George W. Bush. But, it will not stick. W. will be in his Dallas home with the missus and President Obama and a Democrat congress will have to explain to the American people how raising taxes, which they will do, and bailing out everything in sight, is all W's fault. Good luck. See them in 2010!

  2. And yet... In the absence of one of several factors (Economic collapse, campaign stupidity, self inflicted lack of funding) McCain could have won.

    The "lesson" that the conservatives and the GOP need to take from this election is that Obama wasn't all that. A decent conservative candidate would have won. In fact, a decent conservative would have whipped his butt, bald or not.

  3. Man! That was the most hilarious statement you've ever made RS. "Mister Magoo," "Will Smith," friggin' priceless. But 100% true.

    You need to highlight that quote somehow. Use it in a sidebar pull-out or something. It's just too damned good.