Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I'll tell ya, you know, liberals out there cannot stand her. Regular populist liberals cannot stand her. A lot of the middle of the road people can't stand her. But as long as you got an audience, look at that crowd! . . . This is really hard to do this, to salute Sarah Palin."
-- Chris Matthews
UPDATE: A liberal responds:
The sense of entitlement that this blowhard personifies is truly stunning. He's spent his entire life as a principle-free political gossip in Washington - a human embodiment of all that is sick and wrong with Beltway culture. And yet, he really thinks he can just parachute into one of the largest states in the country, buy a mansion in Philadelphia and be a senator on sheer celebrity alone.
Hmmm. Wonder where Matthews got that idea?


  1. What we're learning is how much social hate and religious intolerance there is out there for old fashioned white Protestants with old fashioned values of the sort that used to make up the majority of the country.

    It's real ethnic and religious hate -- of the kind we're told American Protestants a 150 years ago once had for Catholics and Jews.

    Funny thing is, in many cases it's now Catholics and Jews doing the hating (and no, I don't need a history lesson about the various religious antagonism and antipathies between all the various religious groups going back generations.)

    Maybe this is ethnic and religious payback.

    Whatever it is, it's clearly hate.

    Hate and loathing.

    It's amazing how many are dripping with it.

    It isn't any more flattering in the 21st century than in was in the 19th.

  2. The difference is, the New York Demcocratic party practically begged Hillary to come in and run for Senator, so that arch asshole Rudy Giuliani wouldn't win. Believe it or not, most of us New Yorkers loathe and despise crypto fascist Guiliani and all his works. Once Hillary entered the fray, make believe "tough guy," full-of-shit, chicken shit, pseudo "911 hero" to be, squadrista, Giuliani turned his candy ass tail, pretended to have "cancer" and ran away like the little pussy that he really is, once stripped of his posturing, strutting, and fake machismo persona.

    If anything, Chris, "I got a tingle up my leg" Matthews is much, much more akin to Giuliani than he is to Hillary. Get a clue Mr. Other McCain.