Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jade Vixen Ph.D.

An engineering grad student at Penn is revealed to be a kinky dominatrix known as Jade Vixen, and her transvestite "sissy slut" boyfriend turns out to be a top attorney at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, after a tattooed muscle-bound stalker kills the boyfriend and kidnaps the dominatrix.

No, that's not the quick-pitch for a movie starring Kevin Spacey and Lucy Liu, it's front-page news in the New York Post.

The real shocker? Neither Eliot Spitzer nor Jim McGreevey makes an appearance in this story.

UPDATE: Welcome AOSHQ Morons!


  1. Their parents must be so proud!

  2. At least this sex-worker isn't also a heroin-addicted ICU-RN, while prostituting on the side to pay for her longtime drug habit. I'd feel REALLY sorry for the families of all her patients, dead before their time, at the hands of an arrogant judgment-impaired, ethics-compromised heroin-hooker nurse. But because she's a pretty, charming, preppy heiress-- with a dirty cop protector-- no one will argue. Now THAT's a story and true tragedy.

  3. Jade is a good friend of mine and a wonderful woman. She's also a human being who had a loved one killed in front of her, was kidnapped, and personally witnessed a suicide. You have no idea what you are talking about, sir and quite frankly you disgust me. This isn't some movie you can sit back on your high horse and review. It's reality. It's someone's life. And while I am sure I'd never be able to convince you that there is nothing wrong with her lifestyle, I hope I can at least make you think twice about poking fun at someone who has already had their life destroyed.