Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Huffpo love for Georgia

A commenter at Michelle Malkin's mentioned that the HuffPo comments field was going toxic in reaction to Saxby Chambliss's win in Georgia, and he wasn't kidding:

Way to go Georgia!! Keeps you right in there with Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Carolina and Alabama as bastions of family values (those primarily being that it is desirable to marry within ones own family). lesterbud

It's reminicent of lynching or raping a child or pummeling a little old lady. -- Kit Chandler

I have come to conclusion that the South prefers not to be educate their young, they would rather keep them dumb, and vote Republican. -- jpshotwheels

Is anyone really surprised by this evolutionarily challenged, brainless, toothless, interbred heehaw state? I'm not. -- ConcernedAboutRFuture

The real story is about how incredibly gullible and stupid Georgia voters are. -- raker

GA is a racist redneck rethug holdout. -- roshni

There are also multiple commenters who repeat the Democratic propaganda claim that, in the 2002 Senate race, Chambliss somehow libeled Max Cleland. The truth -- which no Democrat wants to accept -- is that Cleland had voted to allow unionization of the Department of Homeland Security. The Chambliss campaign ran a tough ad attacking Cleland for that vote, and that is the sole grounds of the myth that Chambliss mistreated Cleland. But Democrats cling to that myth -- "How dare Republicans question Max Cleland's patriotism!" -- because it helps them rationalize their hate.

Oh, and as to all those "toothless inbred hillbilly" comments: Chambliss got his decisive margins in the prosperous, fast-growing suburbs and exurbs surrounding Atlanta.

UPDATE: Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote Monday about the "attacking Cleland's patriotism" canard.

UPDATE II: Welcome, Jawas!


  1. Sounds to me like the Democommunist are crying about getting their asses kicked, just like Zawahiri.

  2. Ya know...the funny thing is, most of these editorial remarks are what I feel and believe about Obama voters...Hmmm.

  3. "Sounds to me like the Democommunist are crying about getting their asses kicked, just like Zawahiri."

    That's laughable, considering it is your side who just got your asses handed to you. But go ahead and gloat over this symbolic victory. I mean, it is pretty amazing that the Republican incumbent won in a pretty hardcore red state.Wow!
    But you guys will take what you can get.
    In the meantime, while you still scramble to redefine yourselves and figure out why-oh-why your party is, how do I say...devastated, we on the other side will be busy undoing the last 8 catastrophic years of your lord and savior Dubbya.

  4. lesterbud left off Louisiana. Now that pisses me off. Well, he left off Mississippi also. Dumbass.

  5. They say things like "lynching or raping a child or pummeling a little old lady" . . . "keep them dumb, and vote Republican" . . . . "evolutionarily challenged, brainless, toothless, interbred heehaw state" . . . "gullible and stupid" . . . "racist redneck rethug holdout" . . . like these are **BAD** things.

    I'm fairly certain I'd rather be "All of the Above" than Dead, Tortured in front of my 2-year-old, or Dhimmi, any day.

    "Extremism" in the defense of Liberty is certainly no vice, suckers.


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