Friday, November 7, 2008

Who says Libertarians don't count?

Libertarian Party candidate Allen Buckley got 127,723 votes (3%) in the Georgia Senate race, enough to throw Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss into a runoff with Democrat Jim Martin.

Chambliss voted for the $700 billion bailout. Should have listened to me, senator!

UPDATE: Ace wants his readers to donate to save Chambliss's seat. I'm having a hard time working up any real enthusiasm for that. His constituents were bombarding his offices with phone calls and e-mails begging him to oppose the bailout. He didn't listen. He pays the price. And if part of the price is a veto-proof Senate majority for Obama, well . . . whose fault is that?

These out-of-touch big-government Republicans commit political suicide and then come running to the conservative base expecting help. Screw 'em. Sen. Richard Shelby provided a solid argument for his vote against the bailout. Why didn't Saxby Chambliss listen?

UPDATE II: I've been watching this YouTube video of the last debate with Chambliss, Martin and Buckley, and you can see how Buckley (an attorney and CPA) slams Chambliss from the right. Martin -- he's just feeble. Should have been a Buckley-Chambliss runoff. And if I still lived in Georgia I'd have voted for Buckley, who at least tells the truth about entitlements bankrupting the country.


  1. No one. We say that votes cast for Libertarian candidates cost conservatives elections and representative power in government. Votes for Libertarian candidates, usually, are wasted votes.

    They count. They count to elect liberal candidates via dilution of conservative voting blocs.

    Libertarian conservatives need to realize the value of changing the party of conservatives back to the party of small government and individual Liberty rather than consorting with disaffected liberal Democrats.

  2. This should make Eric Dondero of the Libertarian Republican ecstatic. Still, 3% isn't very much, but I guess in today's tin cup america, it's an accomplishment.

  3. Rebuild the Party - A Plan for the Future

    I don't see R.S. McCain on their coalition list.

    Interested in joining the coalition? E-mail

    Woo the libertarians home, who were deliberately purged by the neocons.

    Put Ron Paul in charge of getting the youth vote.

    But alas, I very much doubt the RedState neocons, who make up a good part of that coalition, would be open to hearing anything RP has to say (his supporters are still being banned for even invoking his name).

  4. Rae:
    The problem with libertarians is that their tent is enormous. There are left libertarians, right libertarians, anarchist, marxist, crypto, and a slew of other descriptions. basically, anything goes. I am not saying there isn't a true libertarian philosophy, but even they lost it. I like to call it classical liberal philosophy. Thomas, Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, George Mason, John Locke, etc. Their ideas formed the basis of American political thought and American Exceptionalism.

  5. I am a former Republican who about twenty years ago, largely through reading back editions of Reason magazine, discovered that I was in fact a libertarian. I changed registration to Libertarian after the Gingrich revolution got undermined by the country club set and then killed off by Potomac fever. I left the Republican Party in the mid-1990s after it left me.

    I used to think like "steve in tn" in considering a vote for any candidate not a Republicrat (meaning either of the duopoly parties) to be a wasted vote.

    Accordingly, I held my nose and voted Republican both in 2000 and 2004. (In 2000, I rather liked Bush the man, but objected to his candidacy on the grounds of not liking dynastic politics [I wouldn't go for a Clinton or Kennedy for dogcatcher even if I liked their politics] and the 'dredge up all the burnouts from the party's past to staff the new administration' behavior that appeared to be in store. [Little did I know that the actual threat was neocon orthodoxy, rather than just the ennui of stale party hacks and bought-a-nice-place-in-Alexandria wonks stinking up the place as I had feared.]) Next time around, John Kerry was a putrid enough possibility that I damned sure knew that I wanted a vote against Kerry to be counted. (As a career Navy officer having known more than a few douchebags who have used the armed forces as nothing more than self-serving resume-padding venues, I recognized that skunk for exactly what he was.)

    Seeing now the wreckage that Bush Jr.'s Presidency has wrought
    - crony capitalism having put at least a couple of the country's economic wheels into the ditch for a while,
    - military forces stretched tight,
    - a colossal unpaid bill for the wars (no, I'm not some sort of defeatist; I'm an Afghanistan vet who thinks wars ought to be important enough to be painful for the entire country and not just for the volunteers fighting them, elsewise they're not important enough to be worth fighting),
    - a foreign policy situation that has ignored many of the multiple threats extant while taking aim at Islamofascism in a largely ineffective manner while simultaneously needlessly and stupidly antagonizing many of our friends, and
    - setting 'perfect storm' conditions for installing a loony-Left power structure that couldn't have gotten elected (at least by living voters possessing only a single ballot each) anywhere outside of NYC, Detroit, Seattle, or San Francisco, a 'wasted' vote doesn't seem such a bad idea.

    Nearing the end of the term of the man for whom I have voted twice after applying balance-of-power logic to justify voting for a candidate I didn't like, I now think my ballots would have been better cast consistent with my beliefs. Even if Gore or Kerry, furballs that they are, had gotten in, they would have accomplished almost nothing against enough Republican and Blue Dog opposition in Congress. Today, post-Bush Jr., Saint Barack will have only the filibuster to act as a speedbump for his ambitions, which won't be enough to protect the Republic. The wrong phoenix will be rising from the ashes.

    Even worse than Barack of Assisi himself - who will be slapped around like a little girl by his own Party after the party's over - will be the Red Democrats in Congress. Having shown that 50%+1 (maybe including more than a few dead people and ghost voters) will elect a talking head bereft of real-world accomplishments about whom almost nothing is known so long as he is glib and pretty, the Democrat loony-Left won't need to hide its true colors to keep someone like Bubba from being voted out of office. They will run wild, with their hands up Hussein the Deliverer's dorsal orifice as if he were a worn-out sock puppet, and I fear will get awfully far with their collectivist agenda in four years.

    Want to predict the next four years? Find a mirror site that has an early-2000s archive of You'll see about 20% of the Democrats in Congress listed therein and proudly stating their ideological commitment to socialism. (Gee, I wonder why they no longer have a 'our supporters in office' link...) Trouble is, that 20% aren't still minority backbenchers, they're now majority leadership. Onward to Communism, Comrades!

    I sure am glad I didn't 'waste' a vote by voting Libertarian - NOT!