Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not a sore loser, just a loser

McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt explains that it's not his fault:

The moment that I will look back at as the moment deep in my gut that I knew, was September 29, when I was flying on a plane with Governor Palin to Sedona for debate prep, watching the split screen on the TVs . . . and it showed the stock market down seven, eight hundred points; it showed the Congress voting down the bailout package on the other side, and then, House Republicans went out and told the world that the reason that they voted against this legislation, allowed the stock market to crash, allowed the economy to be so injured, was because Nancy Pelosi had given a mean and partisan speech on the floor. And this was their response. And I just viewed it as beyond devastating, and thought that at that moment running with an "R" next to your name, in this year, was probably lethal.

Got that? House Republicans "allowed the stock market to crash," and that's why John McCain lost, rather than because of Schmidt's insistence on Sept. 24 that the candidate suspend the campaign, call for a postponement of the debate, and fly to Washington to push for the unpopular $700 billion bailout. Classic.

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  1. And while the people that brought us defeat attack and disparage Sarah Palin, McCain stays mum about an "honorable" post campaign analysis.

  2. Immigration is killing the Republican party.

    "McCain’s Share Of White Vote Would Have Won Him Presidency In 1976"

    Thanks to "conservatives" like McCain, Bush, and Rove, we can look forward to losing every presidential election in the not-too-distant future.

  3. We need to get back to the Reagan type conservatism. It seems as though the far right are ruining the Republican Party. Everyone needs to step back and figure out the best way to save this country. It will not be done by being mealy mouthed. Republican leaders need to get some intestinal fortitude and quit pussy footing around the issues.