Saturday, November 8, 2008

'Rebuild the Party'

Several of my friends -- including Erick Erickson, Matt Lewis, Jon Henke, and J.P. Freire -- have formed Rebuild the Party, an effort to construct an online-based project to modernize and strengthen the Republican Party.

Commenter Rae says, "I don't see R.S. McCain on their coalition list." Correct. I wasn't asked to participate. It's a Young Turks organization, and I'm 20 years older than most of those guys. (Yesterday, I was talking to a conservative activist, a guy about my age, regarding the Old Guard and the Young Turks, and he referred to himself as a "Medium Turk," which is an apt description.)

I'm not the "joiner" type, anyway. I work for money, and don't much go for that volunteer True Believer stuff: Save the Whales, Save Darfur, Save the GOP. As a professional journalist, of course, I'll be interested in covering their project, and certainly wish them success. The Republican Party is such a wretched mess nowadays it's hard even to imagine how it could be fixed.

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