Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready to riot

If McCain wins, good-bye, Toledo:
Toledo police are gearing up for possible "Civil unrest" during and after tomorrow's elections.
In an internal memo obtained exclusively by NBC 24 News, officers are ordered to "Have their riot equipment with them Tuesday and Wednesday". Police chief Mike Navarre confirms, officers will have gear similar to the equipment they used during the 2005 race riots. "They have been asked to have their helmets and their gas masks available tomorrow and Wednesday.", Navarre says, "That's the equipment they would not normally carry with them on a normal day".
Beautiful. I'm reminded of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72:
The entire Fort Walton Beach police force is gripped in a state of fear this week; all leaves have been cancelled and Chief Bloor is said to be drilling his men for an Emergency Alert situation on Friday and Saturday night -- because those are the nights when 'Kazika, The Mad Jap,' a 440-pound sadist from the vile slums of Hiroshima, is scheduled to make his first -- and no doubt his last -- appearance in Fish-head Auditorium. Local wrestling impressario Lionel Olay is known to have spoken privately with Chief Bloor, urging him to have 'every available officer' on duty at ringside this weekend, because of the Mad Jap's legendary temper and his invariably savage reaction to racial insults. Last week, in Detroit, Kazika ran amok and tore the spleens out of three spectators, one of whom allegedly called him a 'yellow devil' . . .
I doubt there will be much rioting out here in rural Maryland or in Alexandria, Va., where I'll be watching the deal go down tonight with friends at the National Taxpayers Union. But you never know . . .


  1. Toledo may very well go up if somehow Obama were to lose. They had a riot about four years ago when some neo-Nazis came in for a march. I think the Nazis spoke about 20 minutes, prepared to march through a mixed neighborhood, but then quickly left when the police basically let them know that they couldn't protect them. From there it became a riot of blacks and several socialist/communist agitator groups. Listening to the liberals describe it, the riot wasn't a race riot, yet the riot wouldn't have happened if more black cops had been present. Also, the Nazis should have been kept to some other part of the city so as not to offend the people who rioted.

    In the end, it came down to one group of thugs managed to shut down another group of thugs. Expect the thugs to run loose if given the opportunity.

  2. There have been reports of "emergency preparedness" meetings among LEO's in SE Wisconsin, as well.

  3. The worst thing that might happen in Alexandria is that Muffy might spill her Earl Grey...

  4. Paranoia self destroy-a...
    Baseless fears.