Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't believe the hype!

CNN wants you to believe that Sarah Palin is a net negative for the Republican Party. The only candidate who's generated any enthusiasm for the GOP this year -- yeah, she's the problem.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman (another guy who has the Republican Party's interests at heart) offers this subtle analysis:
But the G.O.P.'s long transformation into the party of the unreasonable right, a haven for racists and reactionaries, seems likely to accelerate as a result of the impending defeat.
This is exactly the spin I predicted. Krugman, however, does make a useful point:
A recent Democracy Corps poll found that Republicans, by a margin of more than two to one, believe that Mr. McCain is losing "because the mainstream media is biased" rather than "because Americans are tired of George Bush."
Indeed, the reality of "Bush fatigue" is undeniable, although it does not mean (as Krugman seems to suggest) "a verdict on conservative policies." Which policies of Bush does he mean? The No Child Left Behind Act that Bush negotiated with Ted Kennedy? Medicare Part D?

The mainstream media are indeed biased, but the Republican Party has failed -- as an institution -- to address that bias appropriately and proactively. Instead, they've retreated to a Fox News echo chamber and allowed liberals to dominate the mainstream media even more than ever.


  1. Why is it that the GOP can always be counted on to blame someone else for their shortcomings? The liberal media again. I guess it was the liberal media that caused this horrific financial melt-down. It was the liberal media that sends 10 billion a month to fight a war for a country that has a surplus. It must have been those lunatic leftists at NPR who have caused all this unemployment and inflation. It was MSNBC that failed us durring Katrina, and Ivan, and Francis, and Jeane, and Willma...and those other two hurricanes I can't pronounce, much less spell correctly.
    The Republicans were doing just fine before the Media came along and mucked it all up for America. Its the Media that is greedy and corrupt, not the Republican party. The GOP is just an innocent bystander that got caught in the middle of a bad situation caused by the media. It seems that maybe in a time when more and more people are falling into the ranks of Bob Cratchett, its not looking good for a fellow who sees the world a little to the right E. Scrooge esq.

  2. The mainstream media will always be liberal, cosmopolitan, educated. The media are competitive businesses located in big cities. People with small-minded, small-town perspectives are not going to win competitive battles for positions in the media. You need to have the mentality of wanting to understand what you dont know - so you have the drive to go out and report. If all you want to do is rant, like a good right-winger, then you aint gonna make it in the reporting business.

    It has always been such, back to the days of Gutenburg. It is becoming one of the biggest problems for conservatives - the weariness that the rest of the country feels with this constant whining about the unfair media.

    Grow up and deal with the world already, if you are to have any hope of convincing people that you are capable of dealing with the world.

  3. If it is the party, not the man, then no one needs to waste time or money campaigning. I say the news media and Yahoo are biased. No ads for McCain all about the half white half black, who for some unknown reason choose to call himself black rather than exactly that, half and half or maletto as I have sometimes heard it said. Why is it that he wants to raise taxes on fairly - no "equally" which is what AMerica is about "FAIRNESS". McCain wants to investigate the Federal Agencies and cut spending to "LOWER TAXES" Does anyone ever listen or are yo all sheep get on the band wagon and play follow the Leader - McCain loves this Country and is "Honest" not a fork tongue and smooth talker - He is a man of action not a chatter box. Walk up and see are future with so much more spending to help the "Poor" not those in low income middle class. He is not changing anything. Vote for MCCain - I already did - listen carefully to what is said by both and think about the consequences. If Corps are taxed to death they will leave the USA and they already have there go the job. Get real wake up before it is too late. Vote McCain

  4. Kathy is very racist and not very intelligent. You speak of the sheep being for Obama but it is the sheep that follow Mccain.You are to blame for the last 8 years of backward politics. To vote for Mccain is to vote for destruction of this country. We need a president that is for the people not for the RICH. It amazes me how many people do not understand a vote for Mccain is a vote for Bush. Look at what that did for our economy and how we are viewed by the rest of the world. Mccain is just another dictator like Bush.