Friday, November 7, 2008

Some 'veteran'

As Allah says, "useful background":
Palin was being handled by Nicolle Wallace, a veteran of the hardball politics of the Bush-Cheney campaign (she had been a press-bashing director of communications). Recruited by Schmidt, Wallace had come from a stint as a commentator at CBS. She had the disastrous idea of making Palin available only for a series of high-profile media interviews, and then overprepared her with a cram course of talking points.
In other words, Wallace decided that the campaign should screw over the poor shlubs in the press corps -- why should those no-name losers get to talk to the candidate? -- so that the multimillionaire anchors could get first shot at the target.

Yeah, that really worked out nice for you, didn't it Nicolle? Notice you've got no friends in the press corps now. And everybody in the Republican Party hates you, too.

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  1. How could anybody intelligent and literate enough to order from a restaurant menu think recruiting communications "talent" from President Bush was a good idea. Is there anyone in modern political history with worse press relations.