Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scratch OR-5

The possibility of a Republican pick-up in Oregon's 5th District has been aborted:
[Mike] Erickson, a Lake Oswego businessman, is the Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional District and is running on a "pro-life" platform. The charge that he provided money to Tawnya [to get an abortion] nearly derailed his campaign for the May 20 primary and could hobble his chances in the Nov. 4 general election against state Sen. Kurt Schrader, D-Canby.
Tawnya, now 34, recalled sitting with Erickson in his new Mercedes that January, parked across from the abortion clinic.
"I was bawling so hard I couldn't speak. He looked so sad. He looked like he cared," she said.
"I asked him, 'Are you sure you don't want a baby?' " she said. "He shook his head. I opened the door, got out bawling and crossed the street and walked up to the clinic."
"He looked like he cared" -- hey, Mike, you've got a promising political future as a Democrat! Compared to you, Vito "Baby Daddy" Fosella looks like a paragon of moral virtue. The sad thing is that Erickson's primary opponent, Kevin Mannix -- a former state GOP chairman -- tried to bring this issue out last month. Republican voters didn't seem to care; they voted for the hypocritical liar Erickson instead. And boy, was the GOP Establishment eager to jump on board:
"Republicans are likely to be very competitive this fall. Michael Erickson is a successful entrepreneur. ... His pro-small business agenda makes him an ideal fit" for the district, the National Republican Congressional Committee said. . . .
The Oregon Republican Party quickly followed suit: "Mike Erickson has shown us he is a tough campaigner and he is ready to take on his Democratic opponent in the general election," state GOP chairman Vance Day said in an e-mail.
A one-way ticket to Loserville, is what he is. The NRCC trails the Democrats in fundraising by $40 million. If the NRCC spends a nickel backing Erickson, it's a nickel too much.
The gloom just got a little gloomier.


  1. Erickson is a fool for assuming that this would not get out. Nonetheless those who would help re-elect a pro-abortion candidate because of Erickson's personal failings are fools. Politicians are not saints and promoting evil is far worse than being a hypocrite.

  2. "Politicians are not saints and promoting evil is far worse than being a hypocrite."
    You don't think that paying for his girlfriends abortion is promoting that same "evil?" Hell he financed that "evil." That's funny!
    So lying to the voters and maintaining a platform of "do as I say, not as I do" is okay for you??

    So he lied about his stance on abortion, don't you wonder what else he is lying about? Perhaps he is the one with the plans to hike up taxes... Not Mannix. How would you know?

    Shouldn't we vote for someone that we can trust to represent OUR voice? Why do we, as Americans, continue to compromise our vote?? I say we demand a higher standard. Perhaps this is done by not "being a good repulican" (Linda Flores). If being a good republican means voting for the party regardless of who the candidate is and what they stand for. That kind of thinking got the GOP in the mess it is in in the first place.

    Please, please, please... Think before you vote!!