Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cruising for feminists

Bored on Sunday? Let's see what those fun-loving Feministing gals are up to this week!

Ann Friedman takes a bold stand:
It's true that age of consent laws are imperfect. But there's a vast difference between a 17-year-old girl having consensual sex, and a 43-year-old man giving a 13-year-old girl champagne and Quaaludes and then raping her.
How bold can you get? Roman Polanski is a darling of Hollywood liberals, and it's considered "right-wing" to disapprove of Hollywood sleazoids who feed drugs and booze to wannabe starlets. Just ask Bill Maher.

Jessica declares: "Personally, I vote with my vagina. And let me tell you, pulling that lever is not f---ing easy." We'll believe it when you post the video, J.

A discourse on queefing, perhaps not unrelated to Jessica's difficulties "pulling that lever." Nudge, nudge.

Back to the Future: A shortage of recent misogynist outrages to be outraged about? Let's dig up a Playboy cartoon from before you were born and be outraged about that!

Intellectualized trivia. The Italian edition of Vogue puts out an issue using only black models, prompting Jessica to decry "an appalling lack of diversity in the fashion world." Yeah, all the female models are 5-foot-10 anorexics, and all the male models are 6-foot-2 mesomorphs. But who cares? Since when is "diversity" in such a bourgeois realm as "the fashion world" of concern to left-wingers? After the revolution, there will be no more fashion, right?

And, just so you know that it's not all fun and games for the Feministing crew, there's this:
Hey all you women's studies devotees, it's time to gather round the proverbial fire and swap theories. Jessica and I are off to the National Women's Studies Association's annual conference tomorrow. This year the title is "Resisting Hegemonies: Race and Sexual Politics in Nation, Region, Empire" and it is in Cincinnati, Ohio.
If you're going to resist hegemony, what better place than a scenic resort locale like Cincinnati? Next year, they'll probably be battling patriarchy in Hoboken, or maybe even Albuquerque.

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