Friday, June 27, 2008

Gallup daily: Tied for 3 days

Just a statistical anomaly?
For the third straight day, Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows Barack Obama and John McCain tied in national registered voter preferences. . . .
From a broader perspective, there has been little major change in the race for the entire month, with Obama either tying McCain or leading the race by a slim margin throughout June. This relative stability is not unexpected in the summer months when no actual voting is taking place, and when voters' attention may be diverted elsewhere unless and until a major news event occurs with the potential to disrupt the structure of the race.
So, 12% undecided and a dead heat. How, then, does David Plouffe justify talk about sending Obama to Alaska?

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  1. Let's hope Plouffe continues to have these great brainstorms. By all means have the Messiah spend massive amounts of time in Alaska, Texas, Montana and Wyoming! -- Jon S.