Friday, June 27, 2008

Video: Obama's slide show

David Plouffe explains the math:

The text is online, as he says:
We've got an enormous opportunity to win back Bush States. Why is that? Well, it starts with Barack Obama's appeal. He's got appeal across the country with independent voters. We think we're going to be able to create historic turnout in the African American community and with younger voters, but also with the organization that you have built. The reason that we think we can be competitive in Georgia, North Dakota, Alaska, North Carolina, is because you guys built a tremendous organization on the ground and we've got to build on that.
As I responded at the Spectator blog:
Ever been pitched by a pyramid ... er, multi-tiered marketing promoter? "You guys built a tremendous organization" in states we've got a snowball's chance of actually winning Nov. 4, but "we've got to build on that," so please send money! It may be totally legit, but to street-smart ears, it sounds like a hustle.
Tomorrow, they're "United for Change."

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