Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good-bye, loser

Chris Cannon bites the dust:
Jason Chaffetz's promise to change Washington, starting with Rep. Chris Cannon, resonated with Republican voters, who ousted the six-term incumbent in a GOP primary Tuesday. . . .
With 99 percent of the votes counted, Chaffetz led Cannon by about 20 points. Chaffetz now advances to face Democrat Bennion Spencer in November. The seat strongly favors Republicans. . . .
Chaffetz hammered away at Cannon, running a relentless campaign targeting Congress' failure to control government spending, fix immigration and energy policies, and vowing to eliminate the federal government's role in public education. "The Republican Party is broken and I want to fix it," said Chaffetz.
Cannon is a shameless open-borders panderer and amnesty supporter, whose survival in a 2006 primary was touted as evidence that voters didn't care about immigration. Guess again, loser.

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  1. The good guys win one...hopefully more to follow. We need to tear it(the GOP) and start again, because right now, there isn't much difference between the two main players.