Saturday, June 28, 2008

NYT on Bob Barr

Suddenly, he's the cuddly, cute ex-Republican that liberal reporters love:
Bob Barr, the former Republican congressman from Georgia turned Libertarian Party candidate for president . . . gleefully recounted what he says a group of Republicans told him at a recent meeting in Washington: Don't run.
"'Well, gee, you might take votes from Senator McCain,'" Mr. Barr said this week, mimicking one of the complainers, as he sat sipping Coca-Cola in his plush corner office, 12 stories above Atlanta. “They all said, 'Look, we understand why you're doing this. We agree with why you're doing it. But please don't do it.'" . . .
Many Republicans said they were unconcerned about Mr. Barr's presence in the race. "We're confident that regardless of the field, our candidate’s message will carry through to November," said Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign.
I'll remember to quote Tucker Bounds next time one of my Republican friends complains that I dare even acknowledge the existence of such a thing as the Bob Barr campaign.

"Fear not: The McCain message will will carry through to November," I'll say. And my Republican friends will say: "Message? McCain's got a message now? What is it?"

Jane Hamsher interviews Barr on BloggingHeads:

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