Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama's rosy scenario

Are Obama campaign manager David Plouffe's Electoral College plans realistic? I make the case for skepticism at the American Spectator blog:
Having watched Team Obama's ground game in operation one night last month, I don't deny that their grassroots organizing efforts are impressive, and I've seen no evidence of any effort by John McCain's campaign to build anything to match it.
However, a state primary campaign is not like (and a state party caucus is even less like) a nationwide general election campaign. There were 112 million votes cast in the 2004 presidential election. Between them, Obama and Hillary Clinton mustered about 35 million votes in this year's Democratic primaries. The larger the scale of the contest, the more the election turns on voters' generalized perceptions of the candidates, and the less impact the phone-bank/canvass/get-out-the-vote "ground game" will have.
This was a major reason why Obama repeatedly came up short in the big states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, a point that Hillary's handlers kept harping on in their appeals to super-delegates. And there was nothing Obama's organizational strength could do to help him win Kentucky and West Virginia.
Please read the whole thing. Meanwhile, more reports today indicate Obama still hasn't healed the breach with Hillary's supporters. Obama's getting hit with the "just another politician" label, and one Clintonista just jumped the fence to support John McCain, joining Joe-mentum. Hubris at Obama HQ is a dangerous thing for Democrats.

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