Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quit? She can't even SPELL 'quit'!

This is simply beautiful:
Sen. Obama is 44 delegates shy of clinching the nomination and leads Sen. Hillary Clinton by 200 delegates, according to the Associated Press tally. He has 1,982, to her 1,782, and 2,026 are needed for the nomination under current rules.
But that doesn't mean Sen. Clinton will be delivering a concession speech next week. The former first lady is favored to win the Puerto Rico primary on Sunday. A big victory there, combined with strong showings in Montana and South Dakota where Sen. Obama is favored, would put Sen. Clinton ahead in the popular vote, according to her campaign, which counts the votes from the disputed contests in Florida and Michigan and excludes caucus states. . . .
"Voting will be over [on Tuesday] but it's very unlikely the nomination will be secured," says Clinton campaign strategist Geoff Garin.
Beautiful. Whatever happens at the DNC meeting today, Hillary just says, "We were screwed! It was unfair!" and keeps right on campaigning as if nothing happened. All the way to Denver, baby.

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