Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Big Screw-Over

It's a long, slow screw:
[T]he Clinton campaign said Saturday it was unwilling to concede the "concession" offered by the Obama team during morning remarks.
Florida Rep. Robert Wexler, a supporter of Barack Obama, told the panel Saturday morning the Illinois senator's campaign was willing to make a "concession" by agreeing to the plan presented by Jon Ausman that would cut the state's delegate voting strength by half.
Outside the room where the RBC gathering is already running nearly four hours behind schedule, senior advisers for Hillary Clinton said the Obama campaign wasn't making a concession to the New York senator, but to reality.
When it comes to one Democrat screwing over another Democrat, they're now willing to disenfranchise half the Democratic voters in Florida. Funny how their standards change according to circumstances.

Patrick Edaburn thinks Team Obama risks alienating some Democrats by playing hardball against the Clintonistas.

UPDATE: Inevitably, liberals resort to rhetorical escalation:
Arthenia Joyner, a Florida state legislator who is making Hillary Clinton's case to the Rules and Bylaws Committee, opened by comparing the struggle to get the Florida delegates counted to the civil rights movement and the fight against apartheid.
Yeah, you tell 'em, sister! I love the way liberals always leap to these outrageous analogies, intended to portray their adversaries as minions of Beelzebub. We await comparisons to:
  • Selma;
  • Goodman, Chaney, and Schwerner;
  • The Spanish Inquisition;
  • Auschwitz;
  • The Rape of the Sabine Women;
  • The crucifixion of Christ.
Remember, the whole point of this is not whether their arguments are fair or logical, but that this dispute among Democrats become so acrimonious that they are permanently embittered against one another. Having been on the receiving end of irrational liberal venom for so long, now conservatives get to sit back and watch the Democrats turn on each other, like scorpions in a jar.

UPDATE II: At AOSHQ, Drew M. says he thinks Team Hillary's willing to take their argument all the way to Denver. Which reminds me: Please hit the tip jar, so I can afford to go cover the Democratic convention in August.

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