Friday, May 30, 2008

Is the Politico a neocon plot?

That seems to be Glenn Greenwald's argument: Anybody who is critical of the Left is automatically "right-wing."


  1. I keep thinking how sad it must be to be a leftist: every morning not only do you wake up with your white-guilt/low self-esteem/low self-worth/logic-avoiding complex, but their echo chamber insists that you hate Bush equal to all else.

    They lived for so long with a fawning, water-carrying MSM that anything not seen as in lockstep with the talking-points is branded "right-wing." It's sad really.

  2. I keep thinking how sad it must be to be a neocon, every morning you wake up to find that not only is your 24% "base" is shrinking as the median age of the Republican voter steadily increases but also see one of those uppity brown people you despise so much has taken the highest office in the nation. Ouch.