Friday, May 30, 2008

50 Cent and a 'highly suspicious' fire

Fire destroys the home where rapper 50 Cent's baby-mama lived. Investigators call it "highly suspicious." The rapper and his baby-mama were spotted quarreling in the street a couple of days before the fire started. Also, a lawyer's office got trashed incidental to a deposition in a lawsuit between 50 Cent and the baby-mama, Shaniqua Tompkins.

Since doing prison time is a vital part of the "street cred" thing for gangsta rappers, a conviction for arson would be a big career boost for 50 Cent. Imagine his next big hit:
Wanna have me locked up,
'Cause I got you knocked up.
Coulda had an abortion,
Now it's like extortion.
She took me to her lawyer.
I told her when I saw her:
This is my crib.
This is where I live.
B*tch, you want half?
Listen to me laugh.
Got a can of gas,
You can kiss my a$$.
You wanna play games?
I'll send it up in flames.
I'll tell 'em I was framed,
'Cause you know that you're to blame.
But I'd rather do the time
Than let you get what's mine.

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  1. You so should have been a rapper, i can see it now....hahaha!