Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barr on Cavuto

In an interview Wednesday, Neil Cavuto repeatedly mentioned the Rasmussen poll showing Bob Barr at 6 percent -- a poll taken a week before Barr won the Libertarian Party nomination:
CAVUTO: Six percent, that's a pretty good number, considering you haven't done squat yet. I mean, you just got nominated. So, how do you become a Ross Perot phenomenon?
BARR: Well, I'm interested in being more than a Ross Perot phenomenon. . . .
CAVUTO: All right, you know the argument against you . . . that is that you are going to siphon votes away from John McCain. What do you say?
BARR: Not so. I cannot think of any reason why somebody who is predisposed to vote for John McCain, a big-government Republican, would choose instead to switch from John McCain to Bob Barr, a small-government Libertarian. It would make no sense. There are a number, a large number of disenfranchised, disenchanted Republican voters that we hope to pick up and appeal to. But those are voters that would not vote for McCain in the first place.
Read the whole thing. I expect as Barr gets more media, and more polls include him in their questions, you'll see him steadily polling in the 6%-8% range in June. Which in turn will generate more media. Shampoo, rinse, repeat.

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