Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm just sayin' . . .

A New York Times blog post about the Barr candidacy that is mostly attitude and very little news. And perhaps not wholly original:
His path to the nomination was secured when a rival, Wayne Allen Root, a Las Vegas odds-maker, swung his support over and took the vice presidential slot.
Compare to this:
His nomination was secured with the help of rival candidate Wayne Allyn Root, who endorsed Barr after being eliminated in the fifth round of balloting. A high-energy Las Vegas oddsmaker, Root was subsequently nominated for vice president. . . .
OK, I've done my share of re-write work, and I know how to crib facts and quotes off the Web when necessary. That's not plagiarism, it's research. But some of that language is a bit too close for pure coincidence, don't you think?

Whatever. It's kind of flattering to think the NYT's cribbing off me now. And they misspelled Root's middle name.

Speaking of flattering, here's Dave Kopel in the Rocky Mountain News:
The best local coverage of the convention came from The Colorado Independent, while the best national coverage was provided by The American Spectator magazine.
Score! (Take that, Weigel!)

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