Saturday, May 31, 2008

Comrade Obama

See-Dubya fisks a Los Angeles Times article about the Che Guevara/Barack Obama iconography connection:
Look, you just can't hide from Che’s history. It's like putting a David Duke for President bumper sticker on your car and then explaining that for you, personally, it's just about traditional values and not about white nationalism. It’s like flying a Hezbollah flag and just claiming that you're not for terrorism or wiping out Israel, you're just opposed to Zionism. This swastika tattoo? Why, it's just a Hindu/American Indian good luck symbol, friend -- not a Nazi thing at all. Shame on you for thinking so.
Remember the victims of Che Guevara? Of course, no responsible journalist would ever suggest that Obama is a Marxist. But no one's ever accused me of being responsible.

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