Friday, June 5, 2009

Things beyond my ken

by Smitty

  How does the imagining left, especially the feminists, force western manhood to wear a hairshirt, while maintaining relative silence over what goes on in Muslim countries? Is it a "simple" case of displacement?
  Larry Johnson is unforgiving on the point: Yo Bitches, Wear that Hijab.
  Larry is less than fair. For that kind of a blog-drubbing, he owes the POTUS an alternative text on the topic. Getting the issue raised at all is something of a win. I liked the allusion to the list of countries that have elected female leaders. Nice oblique slap at the rest who've either had the same clowns in power for decades, or don't even bother with them thar newfangled "ee-leck-shun" thingies. I doubt there is much cure for such cultures, other than a couple hundred years.
  As a thought experiment, would we gain anything if we could give the feminists to these "retro" dudes for some "western male appreciation training"?


  1. I'm not a big fan of feminists. In fact, I dislike feminists so much that even the "conservative" ones get on my nerves. But to defend them for a second--since when are American feminists, or Western feminists for that matter, obligated to make a stand for all women everywhere? Even if their rhetoric doesn't always match their actions, I'm not going to begrudge the feminists for caring more about women who belong to their tribe, city, or nation than those who do not.

    The right's obsession with how foreigners organize their societies is insane.

  2. We in the US have that luxury, for the moment, of looking at primitive and barbaric Sharia law as something foreign. But it will be coming here just as it has to Canada, England and the rest of the Western world. True, we have only been blessed with a very few honor killings so far and as far as I know, no young women have had acid thrown in their faces on US soil, yet.

    But as you may have noticed by the crashing airliners a few years ago, foreign isn't as far away as it used to be.

  3. 9/11 isn't a license to interfere in the affairs of all Muslim societies, no matter how detestable. Many years ago conservatives used to upbraid liberals for believing that man could shape, form, and mold thoughts and behaviors, that humans maintained a malleable personality. Unfortunately, conservatives have forgotten such battles and are eager to change Muslim societies to best fit the interests of the United States.

    The biggest problem Westerners face with Muslims is immigration. The more foreign elements you allow into your country, the more influence those elements will have on a population. It is much easier and humane to close our borders than to bomb civilians in their homes.