Saturday, June 6, 2009

Note the commemorative D-Day abstraction

by Smitty

  Google, tired of the usual guns and grunts and tanks and stuff, has instead offered an abstract portrait of a beach, with a lone boatload of heroes coming in. Certainly, the Allies were what we call today a Coalition, and so we're treated to a rainbow color to represent the more than red, white, and blue presence.
  Thanks, Google. You guys are boffo.


  1. It's also a rarely-reported fact that when you complete a full row of WW2 veterans, they blink a few times and then vanish, allowing the row above them to close ranks.

  2. They're commemorating the 25th anniversary of Tetris. They don't give a flip f**k about D-Day, other than the fact it allowed the Soviets to gobble up eastern Europe.

  3. Ohhh, that's what that is supposed to be, I thought Google was celebrating the anniversary of my highschool friend Dan's high score on Tetris.