Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Casey Jones for President

by Smitty (h/t Jaded Haven)

  Imagery I wish I'd thought of. Emphasis mine.
I have nothing left but to be mildly disgusted watching our two major political parties spin, obfuscate, and lie in attempting to fool the so called middle, the independant voter, the protectors of the conventional wisdom, those uninformed people with no set political or life philosophy who decide our elections, into believing that they represent something other than raw political power. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have evolved under our current post modern culture into left and right rails on the same track leading to an all encompassing federal nanny state that seeks to relieve us of the responsibilities of citizenship. Whether progressive leftism or compassionate conservatism they are both philosophies that seek to control by incrementally convincing us to trade our rights for security. Always for our own good of course.
  The red/blue skull art takes on a special irony:
It should be obvious to every thinking person by this point in history that classical liberal/libertarian ideology is most conducive to human happiness and success due to its sympathetic relationship with human nature. There is empirical evidence for this anywhere that the philosophy has been put to practice in the real world. Unfortunately however there seems to be a bug in the human nature hardrive that is causing us, the children of the enlightenment who were able to author such a mind blowing document as the US Constitution and use it to reach heights unimagined only a couple of hundred years ago, to revert to our medieval default mode of feudal collectivism with our incumbent representatives safe in gerrymandered districts filling the role of titled royalty, taxing us peasants in ever increasing amounts while tossing back a scrap or two as they see fit.

  If you're not a Dead Head (and I'm not much of one), this may help you laugh at the situation:National Funk Congress Deadlocked On Get Up/Get Down Issue

  I don't think things have even begun to suck yet. Unemployment, inflation, starvation and unspeakable death tolls haven't even begun to arrive. But I do think the tubie-clouds (for posts like the one above) and books like Liberal Fascism, now out in paperback, are foundational for what will follow after the fertilizer really hits the air circulator.

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