Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aw, Lighten Up Dennis

by Smitty

  Dennis the Peasant throws a wet blanket on Roger Simon's comedy efforts, bashing both the 'Zo and Steven Crowder.
  Look, I'm not accusing any of the right-of-center people doing comedy, not NewsBusted, not ScrappleFace, not even Day by Day of always being funny. None of these guys are The Monty Python, but is an acorn an oak? I'll vote in favor of good taste over the nausea of Stewart and Colbert any day.
  Thanks for fighting the good fight, Roger.


  1. Dennis the Peasant in your faaaaace! Get "Da Raj some paper slippers, a dribble cup, and a lobster bib"? SLAM DUNK!!! The jibe barely makes sense. Is it an old-person joke? Vegetable joke? What the hell are paper slippers? Are seniors gorging on lobsters in two-ply moccasins? That doesn't even sound plausible, and even if it were, it still wouldn't be funny. I like a good critique as much as the next person, but c'mon.

    As my eyes recenter from a full barrel-roll, let me just say that Dennis' sense of humor is all his own. I'm just happy to watch a comedy skit that doesn't attempt to skewer conservatism without facts. I read Dennis' blog often, so I'm just gonna throw out there that I would like to see him try some humor. Not much to laugh at these days, but his erudite mind might find comedy where I see nothing.

  2. @Dan:
    Burge is in a class by himself. Also, he's posted a lot of car stuff of late, and so slipped my mind. Does the internet cause or cure ADD? Who wants to go ride bikes?