Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NTCNews on Sotomayor

Dig the groovy aggregation, people. I love working to keep up with a breaking meme like this one.

Some people talk about "aggregation." Some of us just jump in and start aggregatin' like a mofo.

Dibs on the slogan, "Aggregatin' like a mofo." Don't try to ace me out of that one, Trog.


  1. Many years ago, while attending a Burri family cookout, I was standing near the TrogloLance when it was announced that the grilled goodies were ready. The rest of us got a 12" paper plate while Lance reached into his pack and pulled out a platter engineered to handle a large Thanksgiving turkey. As everyone stood with the usual Burri gaping slackjaw, Lance said, "Those paper plates are way too small, so this year I've decided that I need to be "aggregatin' like a mofo."

  2. Should the blog be called "Aggregation Station. Takes no Vacation."
    Just as long as you don't say "This is how you aggregate, Brother Tucker."