Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chuckle of the day

by Smitty

  Shannon over at Chicago Boyz expands on a comment to a post defending Milton Friedman over at Reason that skewers the left amusingly.
  The left doesn’t actually have an developed system of thought regarding the economy. They can’t actually explain why the real world political process will systematically make better decisions than the free-market. Instead, they simply point to any reversals in the real economy, regardless of cause, and then assert that in their imaginations, leftist politicians could have done better.
  It’s hard to argue against people’s imagination. You end up with a discussion much like two D&D geeks arguing over whether a dwarf with a +10 axe could take an Elf with a vorpal sword.

  The Chicago Boyz post goes on to wonder aloud about the left trying to imagine its way to “alternative energy.”
  The conclusion is that the dwarf could take the elf, and I've got 20 gold pieces to back that assertion.


  1. The current depression was created by all the Bush tax hikes and new taxes. I could write 5,000 words on all the taxes GWB invented or raised but let me keep it under 500. I will limit my comment to only 2 of the hundreds GEB raised or invented. The 2 on steel imports. When he levied the first tax I said that for every steelworker's job this saved 5 autoworkes would lose theirs. After his second tax on steel imports I said that 10 workers in the durable goods industries (goods that last over 3 years - washing machines. TV sets, Air conditioners, etc.) would lose their jobs for every steel workers job saved by these new taxes. I alsos said thast these high taxes would creat a recession by 05 - I was off 2 years - but right in my reasoning. As an specific Maytag started laying off with the first steel tax and started closing plants with the second. They closed their last American plant almost 3 years ago!
    TheBush tax and spend policies (either Bush both of 'em!) always lead to recession!
    Milton was against all the Bush tax hikes and said so before his death. The leftist Bush policies were contra Friedman not Friedmanesque!

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

  2. Roll for dexterity (would a cool kid know that?)

  3. @Rod,
    I get the feeling, after the 2005 Social Security spanking, that Bush mainly ensured the foreign policy was covered and gave the domestic policy the middle finger.
    That's completely untrue, but I get that feeling.

  4. Well, where would the fight take place, underground or above ground, and where if above ground? And, would it be a mountain, forest, or dark elf? I think I am, generally, with you on the dwarf, all else being equal. Or are you using the plain D&D rules, the AD&D, or an even later edition?

    I have been forced to give up on politics. It is no longer representative. The elites want us 'grassroots' for both sides to squabble while they wipe out our economy and destroy our freedoms. Who knows, they might get it done. If they do, we will be peasants, not citizens.

    The left doesn't care and the right is not represented and hasn't been for a long time. The left doesn't pay taxes, being too poor or a Kennedy. I guess if they did, they would become conservative. Of course, if we somehow pull our heads out of our butts, we would have to come up with a new party. Both of the current parties are owned and have "Keep of the Lawn, dogs and citizens" signs posted everywhere.

  5. ..."I said that 10 workers..."

    Unless you create and use an online handle, we don't really know what you said in the past.

  6. And the Bush domestic efforts still didn't win fans from the commie side of the aisle.

    This whole socialist mess is making me sweat, like a cheap black suit in the sun. IYKWIM.

  7. For Obama every day provides a new way for him to dump on the US. China and the hummer. Lord.

  8. Thanks Vermont Neighbor, a black suit indeed. Recalls an interesting affair at my local JPMorganChase late yesterday afternoon here in NYC. Not many customers, so the staff were sort of hanging out, looking self-consciously at each other, commenting amazedly over the mental missteps of customers. Something seemed different, so I asked, widened eyes. A wee pirouette, "It's our new uniforms!" What? The girls are all in black, head to toe, little scarf. Boyz, black blazers over blue shirt, striped ties. I couldn't believe my eyes! Gently now, it looked like a wake! One said, "They tell us it looks more professional?" "Well, yes; but I'm not sure Junius Spencer Morgan would have approved, something more in a charcoal grey, perhaps." Incomprehension. "Fine, it just screams something wrong. Says, look at me; aren't I cute; buy my money! You'll deal with it though, workers do, work out some better notes of accord."
    For the rest of us, J.S. Morgan's job in the 1840s was moving capital between continents, probity to news from Liverpool, the air of having run from the telegraph, none of this take my hand, we'll dance your money down.
    For you lot, the advantage of (good) politics over (good) marketing, is to rapidly punctuate illusions. The advantage of gossip over chanting is to widen the social space. To channel Smith TMS, what happens then can be the result of combined intelligence rather than disturbed posturing.

  9. RE: Dwarf vs. Elf
    Except in that analogy, the two D&D dorks can actually test the challenge without either dork being harmed. When Leftists test their hypotheses, they do real damage.

  10. It's roll for initiative, not dexterity. High dexterity just gives you a bonus

    30g on the elf.