Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bradley Prizes: 'Standing Room Only'!

NTCNews reports:
A standing-room only crowd is expected Wednesday night at the Kennedy Center for the sixth annual Bradley Prizes ceremony.Weekly Standard editor and Fox News contributor Bill Kristol will receive one of the $250,000 prizes awarded by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation . . . .
Read the whole thing. Guess I'll be expected to wear a bowtie to this little soiree. Hanging out with George Will, Michael Barone and all that crowd, eating free food, yadda yadda. Man, life is tough for a blogger . . .


  1. So what gives? You go into hysterics over everything that Brooks/Frum/Dreher do and say--including criticizing a cretin like Levin--but when a useless hack whose fingerprints are all over the disastrous Bush years gets a totally unearned award you make not a peep.