Sunday, December 21, 2008

Senator Oprah?

While rambling through Dustbury -- where C.G. Hill was mostly musing about 4-holer Buicks and V-12 BMWs driven by chicks who look like Helen Mirren -- I came across a link to E.M. Zanotti's brilliant idea: Blago should appoint Oprah to fill Obama's Senate seat.


  1. Well, actually it was a V12 Benz, but once you get above a certain price point, it's hard to tell 'em apart.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping in. I try to keep the political stuff to a minimum, but somehow it just keeps creeping into the mix.

  2. Robert:
    Why don't we just get Lenin's corpse and prop it up like weekend at Bernie's for that senate chair? Oprah is way to the left in spite of her billions, and I doubt she would be anymore immune to corruption than any other politician from Illinois.