Sunday, December 21, 2008

HuffPo scamming?

This might be nothing, or nothing much, but it is interesting:
Whet Moser, an editor at alternataive weekly Chicago Reader wants to know why The Huffington Post's newly formed Chicago-focused venture is stealing their copyrighted concert reviews and reprinting them in whole in order to get search engine traffic. And he found other examples taken wholesale from The Onion and Time Out Chicago. . . . .
[Moser says] "If the future of journalism--which everyone keeps telling me The Huffington Post represents -- is a bunch of search-engine optimization scams, we have bigger problems than Sam Zell's bad investment strategies."
(Via Memeorandum.) Warner Todd Huston writes:
[T]his wholesale stealing of others' work seems strange when the latest news about Huff Post is that it was graced with a $25 million capital infusion by investors. With that kind of cash flow, you'd think they could hire a few out of work MSMers and give them a job, wouldn't you?
That's right -- hire professional plagiarists!

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