Sunday, December 21, 2008

Death by cleavage

Research reveals the risk:
One carefully conducted study did find an increase in the risk of breast cancer among lean women with larger breasts. In this study, two thousand women were grouped according to their bra size before childbirth. Women who were lean (chest size less than 34 inches) and had larger breasts (size B or C cups) were at significantly higher risk of postmenopausal breast cancer relative to women of the same chest size with an A or smaller cup size.
Do you know what this means? It means we owe a debt of gratitude to Christina Hendricks, who is courageously risking her life for our viewing pleasure.


  1. "two thousand women were grouped according to their bra size before childbirth"

    Wow! They can measure a child's bra size before she's even born?!

  2. I honor Christina for her ability to uplift mankind. I salute her. May her image always be in my mind.

  3. She uplifts and separates -- the men from the, er, men-who-are-not-really-any-less-men-but-we-all-know-they-are,-NTTAWWT.

  4. Dude! She's strawberry ice cream personified!

  5. A friend suggested to me to watch the show, 'Firefly'.. The complete episodes are on HULU from the first(only) season. (the movie, 'Serenity' kinda wrapped things up)

    Anyway.. I was watching one show and the name Christina Henricks popped up on these two shows.. passing it along for your viewing pleasure..

  6. Those are not natural. She paid good money for them, I am sure.